What I Liked This Week: 1/26/13

In keeping with where my head seemed to be most days (nothing to do with the fact that Sundance was going on without me sad face), a lot of what I liked this week revolved around films and filmmaking. Other items were/are just fun. Fun is good!

  • This post from Reid Rosefelt, a publicist and Facebook marketing researcher/expert, which is essentially about taking a measured, long-tail view of a film and/or a filmmaking career. I have been following Reid’s advice on Facebook Marketing for Filmmakers since he first started diving into the endeavor, and this post locks in on a lot of his main arguments: that filmmakers should be thinking more broadly about how they and their work are perceived (or would be better perceived, depending on how we conduct ourselves) in the age of information. Reid’s advice often strikes a great middle ground between reasoned and impassioned, and I liked this post in particular because I tend to agree with all of it, having reached many of the same realizations in recent months. Most of Reid’s insights probably cross-over into other art forms and the small business world (if you’re an artist, you’re a small business) as well.
  • This New York Times blog post, about how inequality is holding back America’s economic recovery. I like this because it’s the truth, even if I hate that fact that too few people are talking about it. How about we get on that?
  • This picture of a baby Korean Godfather, sent to me by my Korean friend, who was made an honorary Italian-American by my family years ago, and has never failed to live up to the title. I hope to someday take a similar picture of a child of my own, attacking a bowl of kimchi with a pair of chopsticks.
  • The Way Station bar in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Not only because the bathroom is a TARDIS, not only because I got to watch an episode each of Doctor Who and Torchwood (underrated!) when I went on Sunday, but also because the people there (staff and patrons) were all pretty chill, and nice. Unfortunately a rarity in the NYC bars these days. I will be going back to The Way Station.

Have a good week, readers. I continue to appreciate your attention and your feedback. As always, hit me up on Facebook or Twitter any time.

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