What I Liked This Week: 2/16/13

I didn’t like much this week — until yesterday rolled around.

To tell the truth, I had a sneakily busy week between re-writes, other filmmaking duties, day job, etc. Most of my energy went to all that (and this, which I know you’ve read already).

I burned out a little, to be honest, not only getting it all done but keeping it all together, a task that becomes an increasingly taller order as the beginning of the week bleeds into the middle of the week which invariably (finally), gives way to The End of The Week. But we made it.

I liked quite a bit at The End of The Week. Even if, as is sometimes the case, some of what I liked was more “abstract” than not. Which is fine.

  • I liked the Web 2.0. In the ever-shifting, ever-accelerating language of the internet, this term is probably nearing obsolescence (even if it isn’t). I did a bit of searching and didn’t come up immediately with any evidence that the reference is WRONG, but if it is — don’t care! What I mean to say is that I liked seeing clear evidence of the widening use of and acceptance of networked technologies and networking technologies (social networks, CMSs, crowd-sourcing sites, etc.). This week, in particular, a friend reminded me of Tugg, which recently became a partner of Sundance Institute Artist Services, along with VHX (new to me, very interesting) and Vimeo (long-time fan/user). Also, The Black List‘s new site/service entered into a separate agreement with Sundance, which allows writers uploading their scripts into their new system to opt in if they’d like to be considered for the Sundance Institute Screenwriters Lab. All this is likable. Lovable, even. And all this news was pumped into my head through The Twitter. My wife thinks Twitter is giving me the migraines.
  • The trailer for Iron Man 3. I hadn’t watched it yet. I watched it. I liked it. I dig Shane Black’s writing (not alone, I know). I loved Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang. I love that Black and Downey Jr. are re-teaming. My heart hopes the film will end up as one of the few memorable second sequels in a long line of less-than-great second sequels. Most second sequels are so bad that I’m avoiding saying “third film” because of the awful stink that often comes to mind when we say that. I liked Back to the Future III.
  • I liked being at a neighborhood cafe last night (working on the new script) and realizing the place was full of smart, interesting, nice people. Not always the case in neighborhood cafes in Brooklyn. This probably happened because it was late on a Friday, and because there weren’t many people hanging out. The only thing more bitter than the house brew in a lot of those places (most of the time) are the entitled/self-obsessed men and women who cram inside to jostle for position in the race to…what? Where you going, people? What are you doing? Chill out and grow up.
  • Magic Mike. Steven Soderbergh’s direction/cinematography is so fantastic, and so fantastically locked-in all the time, that when I watch his films I become alternately invigorated and depressed. This experience was made more interesting while viewing a well-made title about male strippers. The real winner of the night was my wife, who after two hours spent watching the chiseled bodies of Tatum and McConaughey and pals writhe on screen — was then treated to 6 seconds of inspired imitation on my part. Let’s just say you aren’t ready. Also, interesting point of interest for my fellow straight male readers: Magic Mike did not make me gay!

May you have a good week — all the way through.

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