Introducing: Sophia The Great

It’s sort of a special feeling, knowing something must be done. At least, it’s special when you’re able to look at it that way. Remind me that I said this when I’m crying alone in the corner of a darkened room several months from now, because…well, that’s what indie film does to you sometimes. I think? Am I doing this wrong?!

Hah. Enough evasion. I said it a few weeks ago, and now, since I said it, I have to back it up. Though Multiverse is still in post, and despite the fact that just exactly how we’re going to do this (and do it right) is still unknown at this point  — Rebecca and I have started developing our next project. It’s called Sophia The Great, it’s a feature, and we’re making it in an effort to push back at all the things I’ve been throwing in front of The Fury, over the past two months on this site, and probably also over the past several years of my life as well.

So, the obvious question: What’s it about? Well, the script continues to evolve (more on this later), however it’s plenty far enough along for me to at least share the current logline.

A depressed underground blogger, fresh off a bad breakup and increasingly frustrated by a mundane day job, bands together with her friends and starts a podcast in her living room with the goal of identifying and discussing the seven deadly sins of modern American life.

So, the next question: How are we going to do this? Well, we’re working on Multiverse, and hope to be able to gain entrance to a few film festivals once it’s done, and we’ll have Sophia with us in case anyone becomes interested in taking a look at her. We’re also already in the process of seeking additional support in the eventual production of the film, at the same time that we’re working on a plan for getting it made at the micro-budget level if that becomes necessary.

Why are we announcing Sophia The Great now? When all we have is a script and Our Resolve? Well, first, it’s because this is how it starts. All kidding aside, and in full recognition of the fact that much more will be needed in the coming months and years — I believe it has to start here. That’s how it’s worked for me, up till now, at least. I’ve had a very good reason for choosing to make every film I’ve made. I have had good reasons for not making many others. The reasons I have for making this one seem to me the best and biggest yet.

Also, in the spirit of Reaching Out Through The Screen, I want to embrace the power of the internet (where I learned half of what I learned about filmmaking), and of social networks and crowd-sourcing sites in particular, while developing and growing Sophia The Great.

In so many words, I’d like to use this forum (which will remain dedicated primarily to an ongoing discussion of our culture, even if this discussion incrementally overlaps with a discussion of my filmmaking) as an occasional means of communicating our progress and interacting with you (our tiny, foundational audience) as we proceed to serve Sophia. Also, until we have the time and money to give Sophia her own forum, The Furious Romantic Returns will be the place to go to for information on say, the live-reading of the script that we’re going to be conducting in a few weeks.

Hah! So! Here’s the deal. We’re conducting a live-reading in a few weeks. The primary reason for this is to see how our (talky) script plays out when performed by professional actors. The (perhaps obvious) ancillary goal is to see if there’s anything that’s not working quite right, so that any lingering issues can be ironed out before we start sharing the script in any major way. Also, we’re interested in getting some feedback, and a reading is an easy way to do that.

I will be sure to check in on this again after the smoke has cleared, if for no other reason than to report in on the results and the experience so that others may learn from it as well.

Additionally! I have had a wonderful time interacting with other writers and filmmakers on The Twitter over these past several months. It’s been so wonderful, that I would like to officially invite any NYC-area writers and filmmakers who follow me on The Twitter, to send me a DM if you’re interested in attending the reading (it’s on March 10th in Manhattan).

We’ll be holding a few spots open for this purpose. Depending on the level of interest and/or availability, we’ll add more spots if we’re able. Please feel free get in touch if you’re curious about the story, have a fair amount of experience in writing/directing/producing, and don’t mind providing feedback.

Thanks, as always, for reading. Hit me up anytime with questions or comments, and…wish us luck.

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