What I Liked This Week: 4/6/13

First, a point of business — a note for the Furious Faithful.

It’s become increasingly clear that I’m going to have some difficulty, moving forward, sticking to the plan of two posts per week. There’s just too much work to do with Sophia, Multiverse and other projects (there are always other projects). But do not fret, Chet. What this means is that there will always be one post per week (WILTW) and sometimes/occasionally two. It’s looking like the posts that people enjoy the most are the passionate, one-off topical skrees that seem to pour out of me once per month. So there’s that, too. I will continue to pour out the passion when the passion brims.

On to what I liked this week. Let’s start with a quick dose of The Familiar. Our one media link, to ween you off The Old Way, as I go about implementing the changes we discussed last week. Then we shall move on to items that are “a little bit less meta.”

  • I liked this article, from AlterNet, which provides some added “insider” insight to the situation with Stop-and-Frisk. This reeks of The Truth Coming Out, which we unfortunately don’t always get from our mainstream press anymore — or at least we don’t get it “front and center.” Content-wise, of course, I don’t like this. But I like that every time I read something new about this unjust, racist policy, which blights the civil reputation of my adopted hometown every day it continues in one shape or form — and prevents us from reconciling our mistakes every day that we don’t retroactively own up to truths like those covered in this article — the tide appears to be turning towards justice. But it’s still a long road, which is why we need to continue paying attention to this and why we need to continue to pressure politicians and bureaucrats who refuse to admit the reality of the situation and fix it.
  • I like the effects of my reduced caffeine intake. Ironically, I am more focused (despite feeling very tired in spurts), and I am much less anxious. I also don’t like my reduced caffeine intake, because at least twice per day, I am slowed down by fog headaches while my body adjusts to the withdrawal. Sheesh.
  • I liked Sunset Park, by Paul Auster. I could talk endlessly about Auster’s books (and indeed have, on occasion). Every time I finish reading one, I want to hunt him down (he lives in Brooklyn as well) and watch him from afar, before going home and thinking intensely about the experience until my entire day gains the significance of Life As I Know It, even though I’ll probably also recognize that none of it matters, even though that’s probably okay and even if it isn’t not much can be done so I’ll just go out again tomorrow and think about it all some more. If that makes sense to you, you’ve also read a few Auster novels! Or you should! Sunset Park probably even ranks low on my ordered list of which books of his I enjoyed most, but they are all so completely him — so original and different and so expertly and confidently written — that it doesn’t matter.
  • I loved Sex, Lies, and Videotape. I have been wanting to see this movie for years. I had high expectations. They were met and exceeded. As I have said before, Soderbergh is one of my favorite directors — especially when it comes to cinematography and editing. In fact, I bought a copy of Sex, Lies, and Videotape because I wanted to specifically study the photography as part of my watch-list for developing Sophia. I didn’t expect to love the story of it so much, mostly because I wasn’t thinking about the script when I decided to finally watch it for that reason. A delightful experience. All around.

On that note — I have work to do. That’s another good thing about working through the watch-list. It keeps me always looking up jealously at the greats. It keeps me reminded of how much work I have left to do to earn your esteemed audience, and the esteemed audience of your friends and the friends of your friends.

Have a good week, Furious Faithful.

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