What I Liked This Week: More Student Debt Shenanigans, Death By Austerity, Now Hiring: Young Radicals

Good evening, Furious Friends. Apologies for the lateness of this week’s round-up. I have been busy relaxing and thinking. And over-thinking, a little bit, if we’re being honest.

And, as many of you know, if we’re anything here, it’s honest.

Onto it.

I liked this dissection of the coming student debt crisis (Student Debt and the Crushing of the American Dream), from Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz, appearing in The New York Times. I don’t actually like this. I also don’t like the fact that, AS USUAL, the Republican-led House of Representatives (hah) is working tirelessly to make this situation worse, rather than better, and is prepared AS USUAL, to do nothing about it as well — which will also have the effect of making the situation worse. As a reminder, this approach by the House is different from that of Senator Elizabeth Warren, whose nobler, more sensible efforts we discussed two weeks ago.

I also liked this Times article about “How Austerity Kills,” which details, among other things, the “excess deaths from suicide” that have occurred since the recession began in the United States. Hit the link for other fun facts from co-authors David Stuckler and Sanjay Basu, who also mention at one point that: “As scholars of public health and political economy, we have watched aghast as politicians endlessly debate debts and deficits with little regard for the human costs of their decisions.” I don’t actually like this. This makes me want to cry and scream.

I liked this “Letter to ‘The Nation’ From A Young Radical” by Bhaskar Sunkara. Because Sunkara intelligently, coherently, passionately — and realistically — explains why contemporary social liberalism falls short in fulfilling its responsibility to advocate and secure progressive policies for The People, in our current society, here and now. It’s a much more eloquent, studied, more directly targeted variation on my “balls on the table” bit from the end of last week’s post. While intractable rich old white men are to blame for a majority of the problems we’re facing today — these guys may never change their mind. Someone else is going to have to get real, organize, and force change to happen.

(That would be us).

That’s it for today. The Furious Romantic has more work to do. Sophia The Great beckons.

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