Updates: Multiverse Nears Completion, Unconfirmed Fiction, Etc.

Now comes one of those rare occasions wherein I have little to say.

I have wondered lately, if this is a byproduct of The Stillness. If I should revel in the quiet, wait patiently for – what? Inspiration?

And yet, there has been no shortage of inspiration in recent weeks. In fact, there’s be a glut of it. In fact fact, that’s all I’m going to write about. I am deciding that right now. Here are updates, on The Work and Michael of The Stillness.

  • First, I’ve been working on Multiverse again. We’re aiming to squeak in before the late submission deadline at Sundance. The film may still be an official Work In Progress, but even if this happens it will be very close to finished when we submit. After that, we continue applying to other fests as the deadlines keep coming, and we finish the film and get a preview out to our wonderful Indiegogo donors.
  • I may or may not be working on a short story for the first time in seven years, and I may or may not decide to release this short story (if it does in fact fact fact exist). I guess we’ll see what happens, because that all sounds confusing.
  • I’ve been taking notes, for possible future projects. This never stops and it’s always fun. Future projects are so uncomplicated — so long as they remain future projects.
  • Soon, it will be time for another rewrite of Sophia. Every new rewrite is the last one. I suspect the script will remain in a state of comfortable flux until we begin preproduction. For now, Multiverse reigns as The Film. But Sophia, as The Future Film, needs nurturing. I think the story will only be better, as I keep taking my time in developing The Plan for getting it made.
  • The Stillness is present more than it is not present, lately. This new pattern has been fairly consistent. It does take work. I have been striving hard to keep to a set schedule. I continue to cut way back on my information intake. I replace the neediness of the informational fix with reading. I read The Fiction. I read some Philosophy. It has been enjoyable.

I also spend time with The Wife. We have gotten out to the movies lately. Blue Jasmine is very good. Cate Blanchett is fantastic in the lead role. She is seldom anything but fantastic. The World’s End is great. It made me laugh more than I have laughed at the movies in years. But it is also a film with a sincere, slightly sad heart.

That’s my favorite kind of film, I think.

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