Beta Day, Columbia Day: Let’s Make A Special Film

Today on The Videoblogs, we’re asking members of a few special groups, near and dear to my heart, to contribute to the campaign if they can by pre-purchasing a copy of the film.

That can be done here, via our campaign on Seed and Spark.

Many of you in these groups may have originally gotten to know me as the goateed, whiskied young man pictured here:

We had fun.

We had fun. Still do, sometimes 🙂

This man is The Last Permutation of DiBs, the name I used to be known by in years past, and still sometimes use to sign emails.

He is me and he is very proud to be both a member of the Alpha Alpha Chapter of Beta Theta Pi at Columbia University — and an alum of the university, period.

My life changed the day I got that acceptance letter. It changed again one day when I walked past a table in Lerner Hall where some Betas from the National Office were recruiting a new class of pledges to restart the Alpha Alpha chapter at Columbia.

Those of you who DO know me as DiBs from those days at CU (though the nickname carries over from a line of us from Cranston) probably know me as two things: a writer/filmmaker and a Beta. Okay, perhaps also as the guy with the goatee and the whiskey.

ANYWAY, in deciding how else to spread the word about our film today, I thought it would be appropriate to also reach out to my fellow alums in general to ask if you’d consider contributing to the campaign today along with a few of my brothers.

Again, every dollar helps.

So — Betas, Friends of Betas, Columbia Friends in general…

…if you could contribute to the campaign today and help me make my first feature film, I’d love to count you among the first people to see the film when it’s done.

We believe the film (and our “Phase 2” project aimed at contributing to a greater dialogue on mental health, and advocating for the positive use of tech for personal expression) are worthy endeavors.

What we want to do in making The Videoblogs is to simply scratch up just enough money to get the film made — and then we want to get it out to you. That’s it. We appreciate any help today in assuring that process. No matter who you are.

But, today, we’re hoping a bunch of you are Betas and other Columbia friends and family 🙂


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