Interview: Phoebe Allegra + Matching Contributions!

Woah. Only 5 days left for us to get The Videoblogs funded on Seed and Spark.

We have a new video for you today, in the form of an interview with one of our lead actors, Phoebe Allegra.

If you like what Phobe has to say, please consider contributing a few dollars to our campaign to get the film made. Especially because…

all contributions this week, up to a total of $1,000, will be matched by one of our generous Executive Producers.

That means if you can pitch in $10 for a download, your contribution will be worth $20 to the film. A DVD ($20) brings us $40 closer. And so on 🙂

If you aren’t able to contribute at this time or already have, but you want to help today, copy and paste these messages into Twitter and/or Facebook:

Twitter: 5 days left to help #VideoblogsFilm spark a greater dialogue on #mentalhealth. All contributions will be matched!

Facebook: 5 days left to help my friends make #VideoblogsFilm, an indie feature about mental health and reaching out through The Screen. Every contribution made this week will be matched by a generous supporter! Please pick up a copy of the film if you can!

We can do this! Thank you for your support!

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