What I Liked This Week: Vacation Edition

I was gratefully able to take a few days off last week. It was nice. My better half and I packed a few bags and headed upstate to the Hudson River Valley. Here’s a shot from a bridge in Rosendale, where we stayed.

We later sat in a beautiful  restaurant garden, facing the river while willow tree seeds snowed down upon us.

We later sat in a restaurant garden, facing this river while willow tree seeds snowed down upon us. Ate burgers.

We hiked. We climbed a mountain (without gear — it was more of a tough scramble over a bunch of fallen boulders). I got scared at a few points during the climb. We got pretty high up, and I when I looked down I could feel death staring back at me. I tried to look down less. That helped. I also had a talk with my Death Fear Voice. We’re old pals by now. We came to an understanding. I would keep climbing in exchange for the promise not to fall.

It’s funny — my wife remarked more than once that she didn’t know I was afraid of heights. I didn’t really know either. I mean, I did. But I wasn’t afraid of heights prior to my light brush with death.

Literally a week before that madness, I jumped off a cliff and into the Mediterranean. I guess maybe once you’ve had to look death a little more closely — that something can change in you. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to be a soldier, or a firefighter or a cop, or even a citizen who lives in a part of the world where death can be a daily part of life. I’m pretty far removed from it most of the time (as much as any of us can be) and still it’s often a struggle to prevent Death Fear Voice from drowning out Life Affirming Voice. So, in the end, we continue the dance. For as long as it goes on.

Uh, anyway — this is meant to be a happy What I Liked This Week!

After the mountain hike, despite a fair amount of tiredness (I am not in the best physical shape, presently) we drove to a state park that had more trails and a few waterfalls. Thus begins this week’s list of what I liked.

Waterfall Napping

I took a nap by the base of the waterfall. There hadn’t been much rain, so I was able to cross a connected stream, to the other side of where the trail looped around the small lake created by the waterfall. I found a comfortable spot and dropped my hat over my eyes and fell asleep while Rebecca executed her questionable (to me) decision to go for a run. I woke up just in time to see her looking for me on the other side of the stream. It was a pretty dope nap.

The Clash on Vinyl

The AirBnB place we rented for the weekend came with a turntable and a small but very well-curated vinyl collection. I liked flipping through records with my hands, maneuvering them onto the turntable with my hands, carefully positioning the needle with my hands. I liked the manual feel of it all, obviously.

But the vinyl collection also helped to reinforce a slowed-down pace. It wasn’t annoying — was in fact nice — to have to flip an album to get to the other side of it. I listened to The Clash a lot. I had forgotten how much I love The Clash. I like the word clash.

Time Out for Love

I liked spending quality time in the woods with a loved one. Specifically, the unsuspecting loved one in the background of this well-timed selfie:

I am available for your male modeling needs.

I am available for your modeling needs. Rebecca may be a better choice, though.

Sometimes, we can get so busy in life that we take the time we spend with those closest to us (spouses, family, close friends) for granted. I’m still working on prioritizing quality time. It’s important. It’s one of those things, like exercise, that you put off for too long, and then when you do it, you wonder why you ever stopped or put it off in the first place.

We got some good news about #VideoblogsFilm while we were away, if you haven’t heard yet. Here’s more info on that.

What I Liked This Week is a weekly site  feature in which I briefly summarize three things I liked recently, that I would like to call to readers’ attention. They aren’t always recent to this week or even necessarily things. An experience can be a thing. The point is that I like them and you might, too!

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2 thoughts on “What I Liked This Week: Vacation Edition

  1. Diane Bell

    Sounds like a heavenly week! On the subject of Death Fear, I highly recommend a book called “Nothing to be Frightened Of” By Julian Barnes, which besides from having one of the most genius titles ever, is a throughly engaging and stimulating essay on mortality and the rational fear of death. Perfect reading on a quiet afternoon. Xo


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