Let Go: Musician/Artist Cat Tassini


I met Cat Tassini at the 2013 Bushwick Film Festival, where she was in attendance with Wildcat Apollo bandmate Taylor Eichenseer, a friend and fraternity brother of mine from college.

At that time, I missed the festival screening of Cat’s music video (for one of their songs), but went back and watched it later (and liked it) and we chatted via email afterwards and have kept in touch since. I’m a fan of Wildcat Apollo‘s music, and remain excited about what’s in store for them.

Cat does more than sing and play music — we discuss her multiple artistic tracks — but she also has a great attitude and work ethic. And she brought a thoughtful gift to her recording session, which was kind and pretty cool.

1962652_607165452719041_7917939502026241689_nWhen I learned that Cat was going to be in town (the band is based in Austin), I asked her to come on the podcast. My musical vocabulary and education is severely limited, but we managed to have a great talk anyway.

Topics covered include:

  • Her journey from silence to singing
  • The imperative to share creative resources
  • Her experiments with different art forms and media
  • The difference between working and making your own work
  • The benefits of following instinct
  • Balancing complexity with simplicity
  • How to learn from other successful professionals — podcasts are one way 🙂

Two clips from the band’s first album are included in episode, but you can find more of their music here.

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