The Furious Romantic sometimes takes a break from all The Serious Talk in order to goof around. Embedded below are some sketches I worked on with The Motel Staff, as well as an original 17 second short film about the dangers of texting and walking in NYC.


Dishes in the sink. Dirty laundry…still dirty. No dinner ready after a long day of work. Do you live with a DEADBEAT?

Dead Baby Sketch

I’m sorry. This one just sort of happened…

I wrote, directed, and shot Dead Baby Sketch.


A mockumentary about three New Yorkers who break their (sometimes unusual) New Year’s resolutions while the camera is rolling.

I wrote and directed Unresolved. I also appear briefly in the role of Dennis The Stalked.


Texting and walking is no joke. Or is it?

Rebecca De Ornelas and I made LOOK! in the spur of the moment, using an iPhone.

Samantha’s Story

A Lifetime Original Holiday Movie about Samantha, who has a secret that even she doesn’t know she has.

I helped write, produce and shoot Samantha’s Story.

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