After several years away from it, I’ve started writing fiction again. The plan as of now is to attempt to release a new short story, here on this site, for free, as often as possible.

Photo credit: Mohammed J

Photo credit: Mohammed J.

Threat of Glass

A literary young tourist in Los Angeles privately debates the merits of street performer’s decision to hold audience attention by threatening a jump into a pile of broken glass.


11119135_10101866321049452_4701603461474492922_nThe Jogger

A thirty-year old man reflects back on past attempts at keeping up a weekly jogging routine while struggling through a renewed attempt.


If you like any of the above free samples of my fiction work, please consider purchasing my novelette: A Night Alone in My Dread. You can learn more about it (and read the first chapter for free) by reading this post.

Or you can go order it on Kindle or in paperback right now.

Book CoverA Night Alone in My Dread
Available on Kindle / Or in Paperback

A freelance videographer spends a lonely evening obsessing over his past after a visit from the NYPD reveals his involvement in a shocking and tragic crime.

Here’s a review!

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