The Big One: The Videoblogs

The Videoblogs is my first feature film (woah). It’s almost done. More info here!

After the lab, we will set our sights on completing the film and gearing up for next steps.

The Silly One: The Confession

Jacob and Ellen wander through Brooklyn, the morning after spending the night together for the first time. Jacob’s acting strange. Ellen wonders why. A confession is coming. And it’s not what you expect.

I wrote and shot The Confession. Many thanks to Director/Producer Jaclyn Gramigna for overseeing the production of the film, and to the rest of our team for their great work. Above all, we’re grateful to our supporters on Seed&Spark, who helped make this 95% crowdfunded film a reality. The other 5% was paid for by yours truly, to cover a few overages. If you enjoy The Confession, feel free to send over a few dollars to help offset that added cost.

Please also feel free to share a link, as soon as you’re done watching, on Twitter or Facebook. Happy viewing!

The Creepy/Sad One: Multiverse

A reclusive young woman decides to brave a night out in NYC and is confronted by an increasingly isolating series of strange events.

Multiverse has screened at The Crosby Street HotelIndieworks, and the Katra Film Series in Manhattan; at the Local Filmmaker Showcase at Videology in Brooklyn; and at the Encore IndieFilm Showcase in Portland.

“By the end, you can easily imagine Franz Kafka watching this, putting his arm fraternally around DiBiasio and then buying him a beer.” — Scott Beggs, Film School Rejects

You can watch Multiverse now! If you like it, subscribe to my list and see The Videoblogs before anyone else.

The “Troubled” One: Sex and Justice

A pair of frustrated detectives and a confessed murderess go up against a corrupt District Attorney in this throw-back neo-noir crime drama.

Sex and Justice ate a few years of my life (burp). It’s an ambitious neo-noir featurette that performed well at direct-distribution screenings in Providence and New York, but which went into the vault after that. You can watch a clip, from a never-finished re-cut, here. I grew a lot as a person and a filmmaker during and after the making of Sex and Justice. Rebecca De Ornelas (who produced and stars in the film) and I continue to feel fortunate that we were able to scrape the film together thanks to the help of friends and family.

You really don't want to mess with this woman.

You really don’t want to mess with this woman.

Watch a clip from Sex and Justice

The First One: Over Easy

An old school thug’s attempt to redeem himself for a past mistake is made more complicated when he meets a beautiful, mysterious young waitress while on the job.

Over Easy is my first film. A bunch of friends and I shot it using borrowed equipment over a weekend in Rhode Island (Cranston and Providence) in 2005, while I was still an undergrad at Columbia University. Over Easy screened at a few small festivals and at self-run events in New York City and Providence. DVD sales from those events helped Rebecca De Ornelas and I kick off pre-production on Sex and Justice.

This didn't end well for our antihero.

This didn’t end well for our antihero.

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