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Coffee with Creatives: Meeting in Isolation


Amos converses with lead actors Ryan Egghold and Jennifer Damiano.

Hello, Coffeeheads! Thanks for coming by, take a seat! Isn’t that comfy?! It’s made of goose!

It’s not goose. But clearly I have some pep today. This morning is the first morning wherein I’ve felt decently healthy, after nearly a week of being down with the sickness. On that note, please forgive the audio (and voice) quality of the intro and outro for this otherwise informative and humorous episode of Coffee with Creatives, with Writer/Director Amos Posner.

Amos’s first feature film, B-Side, was released last week on iTunes and other platforms. I enjoyed it, and in addition to talking about the specifics of making the film, we also touched upon such related subjects as:

  • The importance of making mistakes on a small scale before jumping into something bigger
  • Learning from mentors
  • Freeing up your imagination to allows surprises that improve the product
  • How to find and trust key collaborators
  • Adopting new perspectives in the face of what’s been done before
  • The role that Britney Spears’s Toxic played in the genesis of B-Side

That’s a lot of good stuff. Especially that last part. Give it a listen!

Or head on over to iTunes to download to your phone.


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Another Battle: Actors vs Writers vs Filmmakers vs Comedians

You guys really enjoy competition. I guess that can be healthy. Sometimes? ๐Ÿ™‚

Seriously, thanks for making our Hometown Battle contest (Cranston Rules!) such a success.ย Over the past few days, we’ve eclipsed 40% funded for The Videoblogs. But we have just a little over a week left to meet our goal.

Today, we have another friendly competition for you.

I apologize in advance, because today is probably going to get out of control. Everyone remember this is all for a good cause ๐Ÿ™‚

Today is The Battle for Artistic Supremacy

Game Faces. All around. Bring it.

Game Faces. All around. Bring it.

Actors vs. Writers vs. Filmmakers vs. Comedians

Now. I know what you’re thinking. How does it help to ask a bunch of equally “financially challenged” professionals to contribute?

Valid point. But I have counterpoints…

Outside of friends and family (but often included in that group as well) no group is as supportive of the arts, percentage-wise, than other artists.ย This is not a knock on non-artists by a stretch. I think it’s just a little easier for artists to understand just how hard creative pursuits can be. Which is fine. We’re all in it because we want to be.

This campaign isn’t just about the 20K we need to shoot the film

It’s about an idea. One we share with Seed and Spark, which is why we’re working with Emily Best and company rather than another platform.

This is about community. It’s about banding together en masse. I don’t expect any fellow artists to able to contribute more than $20 today.

But that amount was carefully selected. So was the $10 and $5 incentive level.

Today, we’d love to bring in 50 contributions between $5 and $25. More would be great, of course ๐Ÿ™‚

Every dollar counts!

Every dollar counts!

What we really want people to do here (a lot of people) is take a leap of faith and buy a copy of the movie before it’s made. We’ve tried as much as possible to make that an easy decision for you. And, again, I promise we’ll deliver a great film to you.

Rebecca and I together probably know hundreds of Actors, Writers, Filmmakers and Comedians. Between the rest of our team, I’m sure we know hundreds more.

It’s beyond moving when we get large donations like the one we got this morning that put us over 40% funded (with a little over a week to go). But, last night, we also got one for $5 that moved me in equal measure

Because that person did what they could AND for that I get to send her my book. Which I love to do. A piece of my soul went into that little book. I don’t know how or why it happened but it did. And the feedback I’ve gotten from those who have read it has been heartening.

You too can get a hold on some DREAD.

You too can get a hold on some DREAD.

So, yes, today is a friendly competition. I will be representing The Writers. We’ll probably win. But that’s not what this is about ๐Ÿ™‚

This is about making a statement that small movies (and other projects) about difficult issues — have a right to exist.

If even half of the hundreds of fellow artists who read this today pick up a copy of that book and then share this post — that will push the needle on our campaign forward significantly.

The same rules apply as the last competition. Every dollar counts towards the total. The losers have to admit defeat, and declare the supremacy of the winner, in a video.

Take a leap of faith with us?